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Weeks 3 and 4: Primitive Data and Definite Loops. Activity: Print Expressions Print out other expressions using all the arithmetic operators with int s and double s. Activity: Convert Minutes Determine the expressions to convert minutes into number of hours and the number of minutes leftover. Activity: Precedence Examples What values result from the following expressions? Precedence Activity. Activity: The World Write a program to print out the circumference of the world about kilometers and the diameter of the world divide by pi.

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Input, process and output processed data is the main goal of every computer program. A program without data is a useless program. C provides a header file stdio. In C we use getchar function to read single character from keyboard.


In: Computers and Technology. A standardized method is in need to consolidate it and make the information understandable for users and stakeholders to use. One of the programmers suggested using psuedocode to standardize the documentation. However the advertising personnel are not familiar with that method. They have been using the systems development process with the use of CASE tools.
A complete set of instructions for mapping data to a result is called an algorithm. Even simple problems can be associated with algorithms that have surprisingly different characteristics. We can then apply all the coefficients three more multiplications and add all the terms three additions , for a total of 8 arithmetic operations. In this form you can see that evaluation takes only 3 additions and 3 multiplications. Descriptions of algorithms vary widely.

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