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Towards bis-benzimidazole near-infrared absorbing and emitting dyes

The Synthesis of Benzo(d)pyrido(a)-benzimidazole-5,quinone - Page III - UNT Digital Library

ABSTRACT: The synthesis of benzimidazoles derivative involves subsequent synthesis of 4- 2-chloro-ethoxy -benzaldehyde, 4 methyl benzaldehyde followed by benzimidazoles derivative by reaction between amines derivatives and o-phenylenediamine in dimethyl farmamide DMF as solvent in the presence of iodine as a catalyst. Iodine is a commercial and environmentally benign catalyst. The purity of the compounds was ascertained by melting point and TLC. The synthesized benzimidazole compounds were screened for analgesic and anticonvulsant activity in albino rat gm by using Writhing test and maximal electroshock MES. Substituted benzimidazole derivatives have found commercial application in veterinarian medicine as anthelmintic agents and in diverse human therapeutic areas such as treatment of ulcers and antihistaminic 5. Similarly, the general synthesis of benzimidazoles is by the condensation reaction of 1, 2-phenylenediamine with carboxaldehydes, carboxylic acids 6, 7 , or their derivatives 8, 9 such as, chlorides, nitriles, and orthoesters, under strong acidic conditions, with high temperatures.

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Shobhit Srivastava, S. Pandeya, Meena K. Yadav, B.
Vakhid A. E-mail: mamedov iopc. This is the first review describing all the quinoxaline—benzimidazole rearrangements as a whole and the new quinoxalinone—benzimidazol on e rearrangements in particular when exposed to nucleophilic rearrangements for the synthesis of various biheterocyclic motifs. The scope of the rearrangements is illustrated by way of numerous examples of their application, and in doing so, the review contains over references and covers all of the literature, from the first report of the rearrangement of 2,3-diphenylquinoxaline by Ogg and Bergstrom in up to more recent examples in the past few years.

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