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Criminals go in to be rehabilitated and to be able to come out as a better citizen. But when the prisons and jails effect that in a negative way things are not working the way they are supposed to. Even though those. It is very important that you realize your surroundings in a jail or prison. I made sure that I read every inmates file all of them. You will soon realize that you are a supervisor over Inmates, some say you are a baby sitter as much as some do not want to hear that.

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Correction facilities being ran privately instead of being run by the government is a growing concept that has been meet with both praise and skeptisism. The movement to privatize public services has received increasing support in response to taxpayer demands that government provide more services with fewer resources. The practice of privatization has received its share of criticism. There is concern being expressed over the possibility that prison conditions may deteriorate as a result of an effort to save money. Furthermore, confinement must meet a constitutional standard of fairness and due process, so it is not just the effectiveness and efficiency, but also the procedural justice with which confinement is imposed that is important.

Private Prisons Essay

In Congress enacted the Prison Industry Enactment which allowed for pilot projects into the use of private sectors to house criminal inmates in private penitentiaries. This piece of legislation placed the government-run prisons across the U. S into an industry that revolutionized the way in which prisons are now run.
Synopsis The use of private prison has been a serious issue in the United States. The main issue is the amount of money that private prison companies are consuming. The private prisons are making millions of dollars from housing inmates. Between and the U. This massive increase in the U.

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