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A superiority complex is a psychological disorder in which the affected individual experiences an exaggerated feeling of self-importance. He or she feels superior to other people and displays a general disregard for the thoughts of others. Individuals with a superiority complex often exhibit a sense of grandiosity. They typically maintain a feeling that they are better or more important than other people, and often fail to take the opinions or desires of others seriously.

Basics of Inferiority Complex

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One of my earliest memories is of a stranger trying to kill me. This is not quaint England, with its pubs and hedgerows, its tea times and scones, nor any incarnation of cool England, whether with miniskirts or resurrected Minis, this is England as fist, England as headbutt, England as belly — deep yawp of tribal resentment and rage. To be brown in England in the s was to be subject to three almost continual slurs: blackie, wog, paki. It came at you from all directions. Crossing the street, a young tough casually spits on your parka as he mouths wog.

Do Europeans Suffer from a Superiority Complex?

In the field of social psychology , illusory superiority is a condition of cognitive bias wherein a person overestimates their own qualities and abilities, in relation to the same qualities and abilities of other people. Illusory superiority is one of many positive illusions , relating to the self , that are evident in the study of intelligence , the effective performance of tasks and tests, and the possession of desirable personal characteristics and personality traits. The term illusory superiority was first used by the researchers Van Yperen and Buunk, in The phenomenon is also known as the above-average effect , the superiority bias , the leniency error , the sense of relative superiority , the primus inter pares effect , [1] and the Lake Wobegon effect , named after the fictional town where all the children are above average.
Supremacism is the belief that a certain group of people is superior to all others. Some feminist theorists [ who? Centuries of European colonialism in the Americas , Africa , Australia , Oceania , and Asia were justified by white supremacist attitudes. Before the outbreak of the American Civil War , the Confederate States of America was founded with a constitution that contained clauses which restricted the government's ability to limit or interfere with the institution of "negro" slavery. Its purpose was to "restore" white supremacy after the Reconstruction period, even though there still was white, Protestant supremacy in the United States, at the time.

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