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Irritable bowel syndrome IBS is sometimes called a functional disorder because there is no sign of disease in the colon. Case Study: Robert Johnson noticed blood in his stool. For several months , he had experienced pain in his abdomen and diarrhea. What endoscopic procedure will his physician order? At this time, the medical standard was to use Greek language.

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Here, we outline two categories of diction- and phrasing-related errors in clinical reports: commonly confused terms and frequently misused terms. Case reports see our full series on Case Report Tips are brief papers that typically describe the condition, diagnosis, treatment, outcome, and follow-up of one or few patients. Common topics include new diagnostics or therapeutics, rare or newfound diseases or presentations, unexpected adverse effects or outcomes, and fresh perspectives on disease pathogenesis. Although the format of case reports is carefully outlined by many clinical journals such as BMJ Case Reports , the proper use of certain terminology in these papers, including unique clinical phrasing, may not be clear without extensive reading and writing experience. In particular, terms that would be considered grammatically incorrect or awkwardly phrased in other forms of writing, such as newspaper articles or even other types of clinical publications, may be completely acceptable in a case report.

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During the course of her treatment, she was seen by several specialists. For pain in her knee and hip joints , she was referred to an orthopedist. For migraine headaches and blurry vision, she consulted a neurologist. For pain on urination and occasional bloody urine, she saw a urologist.
He was fatigued, yet unable to sleep through the night. He also had a mild fever, night sweats, occasional dizziness , double vision, and mild crampy abdominal pain accompanied by intermittent diarrhea. In addition, he had a nonhealing wound on his ankle from an insect bite. He made an appointment with his family doctor, an internist.

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