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Friday, January 04, Is it Real? And then quickly dismiss the thought as too improbable you might as well believe you're really a flying superhero and this life is just a dream. But beyond the concept being a mere interesting thought experiment, and because far too many researches have been more bizarre, someone's finally taking the concept seriously, and his name is Brian Whitworth. Says he: "Logically the world could be an information simulation running on a three-dimensional space-time screen. Indeed, if the essence of the universe is information, matter, charge, energy and movement could be aspects of information , and the many conservation laws could be a single law of information conservation. If the universe were a virtual reality, its creation at the big bang would no longer be paradoxical, as every virtual system must be booted up. Document link PDF format : here.

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In the beginning of your dissertation journey, you are asked to submit your dissertation research proposal to your adviser, who will most likely request modifications to your first proposal and then forward your revised proposal to your dissertation committee for approval. The good news has finally arrived! Help for your dissertation can be found in many places.
Academic cultural critique is best served in blog form. Thankfully, there is a slew of academic blogs on the interwebs, waiting to dish. Blogs commenting on funding and higher education policy.

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