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The rapid and unprecedented changes brought on by COVID have accelerated the transition to remote working, requiring the wholesale migration of nearly entire companies to virtual work in just weeks, leaving managers and employees scrambling to adjust. This massive transition has forced companies to rapidly advance their digital footprint, using cloud storage, cybersecurity, and device tools to accommodate their new remote workforce. This massive transition has forced companies to rapidly advance their digital footprint, using We draw upon Costly Signaling Theory to posit how emotional acknowledgment influences interpersonal trust. Across six studies, we found convergent evidence that emotional acknowledgment led to greater perceptions of costliness, and in turn, to higher evaluations of trust. We hypothesize that emotional

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Jack Kevorkian was a pathologist who assisted people suffering from acute medical conditions in ending their lives. After years of conflict with the court system over the legality of his actions, he spent eight years in prison after a conviction. Kevorkian's actions spurred national debate on the ethics of euthanasia and hospice care. Kevorkian's parents were refugees who escaped the Armenian Massacres that occurred shortly after World War I. Levon was smuggled out of Turkey by missionaries in and made his way to Pontiac, Michigan, where he found work at an automobile foundry. Satenig fled the Armenian death march, finding refuge with relatives in Paris, and eventually reuniting with her brother in Pontiac.

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Research is " creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of knowledge". A research project may be an expansion on past work in the field. To test the validity of instruments, procedures, or experiments, research may replicate elements of prior projects or the project as a whole. Approaches to research depend on epistemologies , which vary considerably both within and between humanities and sciences.
A biography , or simply bio , is a detailed description of a person's life. It involves more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death; it portrays a person's experience of these life events. Biographical works are usually non-fiction , but fiction can also be used to portray a person's life. One in-depth form of biographical coverage is called legacy writing.

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