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Furthermore, More than 1, children commit suicide with guns. We should keep children away from guns for their own safety. In conclusion, guns control laws is very important and necessary because the stricter Guns Control laws can reduce the crimes, make our lives safer and protect our children from these massacres. We need stricter gun control laws to prevent more people from perishing in mass shootings.

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Drinking and driving has become a huge epidemic in the United States. At least 30 people die everyday due to impaired driving. This means one death every 51 minutes. Drinking and driving is a large problem that can be greatly reduced by taking preventive action. With mass shooting such as the one at Umpqua Community College in Oregon becoming a regular occurrence, we must ask ourselves why people resort to gun violence instead of finding other ways to solve whatever problem they may be facing.

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Elementary School and took 26 lives, most of them belonging to children. Sadly, too many situations similar to this have occurred prior to and since. In January , Stephen King published an extended essay called Guns exploring the issue of gun violence in the United States. From the perspective of someone who has been on both sides of the political spectrum, King bluntly addresses the flaws in America's gun laws and effectively proposes reasonable solutions to lessen gun violence in the United.
In the past few decades, firearms have had a big impact on society. These impacts have been both good and evil, and have caused controversy on the topic of gun ownership. Some groups, such as the Brady Campaign, would like to see gun control laws take away some rights and restrict others, whereas the National Rifle Association would like to protect gun rights and educate society on the use of firearms. Both sides want to stop the problem of gun violence, but protecting gun rights is the only way to truly insure public safety.

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